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The plans are to support the generic industry, which provides quality and affordable medicines to millions of patients, which would stimulate competitiveness and innovation in the pharmaceutical sector.

Written by: Jasmina Vujadinović

In the Serbian market, at the beginning of January of the current year, the "Genesis" Association was founded with the clear intention of uniting and representing the common interests of all its members.

This group also advocates for the achievement of general goals in the production, distribution and application of generic drugs, in order to improve the treatment and health care of citizens of Serbia.

About the plans of the Association »Genesis«, Ana Popović, the director, tells the magazine »Doživeti 100«:

The plans are to support the generic industry, which provides quality and affordable medicines to millions of patients, which would stimulate competitiveness and innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. One of the inevitable postulates in our engagement will be the insistence on the introduction and strict observance of high quality standards in all stages of the production and distribution of medicines, as well as on the absolute protection of the rights of our patients.
Also, we will devote significant attention to cooperation with all relevant institutions of the state and society, which are responsible for the health of the citizens of Serbia, and we will try to contribute to the implementation of adequate measures, which will bring quality therapeutic modalities to as many patients as possible.
This also refers to the support for the creation of appropriate legal frameworks, with the request that treatment with generic drugs be made possible immediately after the expiration of the patent protection of original and innovative drugs.
We are convinced that this can contribute not only to greater access to treatment, but also to great financial savings.

How many companies have joined the Association so far?

For now, our Association has 17 members: Sandoz, Belupo, Richter Gedeon, Jadran-Galenski Labaratorij, Bosnalijek, Nobel Ilac, Goodwill Pharma, Berlin-Chemie, Quatalia, Teva, Beohem-3, Innotech, Farmalogist, UTI doo, B. Braun , Extractum pharma and Sephora lek.
Three potential members are in the inclusion procedure.

What are the criteria for admission to membership?

A potential member must be a foreign generic manufacturer or a holder of a license to sell the products of a foreign generic drug manufacturer in the Republic of Serbia.
In addition, we need to have common visions and missions, as well as agreeing with the Statute of the Association.
The application of each potential member is considered, and the decision on admission is made by majority vote at the Assembly of the Association.

Will you cooperate with similar associations in the area?

The idea of ​​our Association is cooperation with all similar associations in the region, as well as joining EGA (European Association of Generic Manufacturers), which is in the negotiation phase.
We are also open to cooperation with the Association of Innovative Drug Manufacturers, the Association of Domestic Drug Manufacturers and all other associations, because only with respect for competition can we reach the ultimate goal - more affordable treatment and improved health care for our fellow citizens. In other words, a wider range of drugs enables progress in the treatment and prevention of disease,
as well as creating a powerful market.

Are you planning to organize a large public gathering in the near future?

Yes, our Association is very active and such activities are part of our plan.

Were there any investigations before the establishment of the Association and what findings did you come to?

Principal members of the "Genesis" Association are located in the region, Europe and around the world and act through their associations. Based on their many years of experience, their representatives and holders of licenses for registration in the Republic of Serbia have united and function with the same goal, which is to improve the treatment of patients through increasing the availability of medicines, improving the quality of people's health and their health care, and therefore
greater savings.

Working groups - better communication with institutions

Through its activities, the Genezis Association will strive to contribute to the improvement of the treatment and health care of Serbian citizens by including it in the process of finding sustainable solutions and making decisions at the national and regional level in the field of production and circulation of generic drugs.
To that end, working groups were formed, one for cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Trade and the RFZO, and the other responsible for cooperation with ALIMS.

Generic medicines are committed to the future

Governments around the world are faced with an aging population as well as increased medical costs, putting additional strain on the sustainability of health care systems. The economic profitability of the use of generic drugs has influenced that they represent a growing item in the health budgets
of European countries. That is why the European Association of Generic Medicines Manufacturers (EGA) with its members will continue cooperation with the governments of EU countries and develop affordable solutions.