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Medical CG

An article about digitization and our activities was published in the Montenegrin magazine Medical CG.


Dr. Ana Popović, spec. pharm

Director of the Genesis association for Serbia and Montenegro


Digitalization - modern ways of communication

Innovations that dramatically transform our behavior are present in all segments, so the pharmaceutical industry cannot be an exception, and they are an indispensable part of business at this moment when we are in a specific situation caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Thanks to digitization, communication between all participants in the health care chain is becoming more intense, patient profiles cross paths with the views of doctors and pharmacists on the portals, as well as data on the effectiveness of individual treatments, and all this in a truly transparent way that brings a completely new dimension to the relationship between doctors. , patients and companies. All this requires a new business model that our members are already introducing in order to adequately respond to the challenges.

On the industry side, when it comes to doctors, digital channels introduce an additional channel of communication in addition to the already existing traditional ones, and the introduction of digital systems generates data that could be used for future decision-making. The analytics derived from each digital channel enable insight into the interest of doctors, their habits, and potential doubts.

Also, pharmacists play a very important role in patient education, so the availability of digital platforms by the industry is very important for them. A pharmacist today not only dispenses medicine in a pharmacy, but is constantly educated by the industry, which is a benefit for the patient expressed in the availability of information in pharmacies, which has been raised to a higher level.

The availability of drugs, a quality drug recommended and well communicated to the pharmacist by the industry, in synergy with the recommendation by the pharmacist well communicated to the patient - expands the market and increases the number of treated patients. Therefore, the synergistic, educational effect of the industry through the pharmacist to the patient is very important, so that the patient is always informed.

As far as patients are concerned, digitization enables a greater and hitherto unimaginable role for the patient who increasingly has, and wants to have, insight into his health and the way he is treated. Medicine is becoming personalized and as much as the profiles of patients are clearer, the prescribing habits and therapeutic trends of doctors are more visible, and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of products cannot remain hidden even without an appropriate reaction from the authorities (RFZO, Alims, Ministry). Therefore, Genezis, whose business credo is the representation of companies that produce quality and affordable products, really expects a lot from this visible confirmation of the importance of generic products not only in a therapeutic but also in an economic sense.

In order to catch up with all the developments in the pharmaceutical market and follow its members, the Genezis association supports modern trends. Genezis supports and will be involved in online education of patients and the general public related to the use of generic drugs, with the aim of providing clarifications regarding the benefits of the use of generic drugs for the patient, the state and society.

Digitization, although at first glance virtual, in its essence and almost paradoxically introduces an undeniable reality that is in complete harmony with the goals of Genesis and in the best interest of patients: transparency, speed of the process, necessary savings, quality and accessibility of products.

Genesis will try to make all the information at our disposal available in new technologies (e-medical, Web sites...), with an undisguised desire that all relevant institutions create an appropriate framework (electronic missions, online cross-section of the Fund's activities, etc.) in which our efforts really have an effect.

With digitization, patients will reach a diagnosis faster, but also faster to adequate and affordable therapy, there will be automation of all processes, cost reduction, time saving, and thus faster entry of generics into the market, and a greater number of patients who, in poor societies like ours, they can benefit incalculably from it. In a word, digitization means more health.

As an example of the involvement of the industry in order to better understand the times that are coming and that require quick answers, at the end of last year the Adria Pharmacy Summit was held in Split on the topic of digitization and the future of the pharmacy system, where Genezis was invited as a responsible and important interlocutor in every time, including this one. digital.

The activities we have planned for this year

Since 2017, the Genezis Association has been gathering foreign generic drug manufacturers and license holders in Montenegro, and since 2013 in Serbia. Our promotional activities are related to these two countries and will continue to be directed towards the promotion of generic drugs as an opportunity to treat as many patients as possible from state funds. In addition, Genezis will continue to nurture good relations with state institutions dealing with healthcare, patient associations as well as other associations that bring together pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and wholesalers. We are in the process of establishing a new working group that will bring together producers of biosimilar medicines in Serbia and Montenegro, but also in the realization of the membership of companies that deal with diagnostic tools. It is planned that our activities this year will be extended to the Republic of North Macedonia, and the goal of the Genezis association is also to join the International Association of Manufacturers of Generic Medicines and Biosimilars (IGBA), for which we have fulfilled all the conditions. Membership in this association will show us new opportunities and provide knowledge that, through the experiences of countries around the world, we can contribute to the creation of the best possible business environment, thereby facilitating the presence and pointing out the importance of generic drugs and enabling our patients to be treated in the same way as patients from neighboring countries. Europe and the world - which is our main goal. The realization of some of the goals will depend on the current situation related to Covid-19, whose activity will determine the dynamics of realization.

Drug supply in the time of Covid-19

The Genezis Association, as a socially responsible person, contributed to the regular supply of medicines in an emergency situation in all markets where it operates. The association, as a bridge between state institutions and members, had the task of informing these institutions about regular supply, transport and supplies. The member companies have done everything to ensure that the supply is continuous and that the specified quantities are in accordance with the needs of the market. We will continue with this practice in order to provide patients with continuous treatment both in regular supply and in emergency situations.