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The association GENEZIS brings together foreign manufacturers of generic drugs and holders of licenses for placing foreign generic drugs on the market.


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Genezis is a member of IGBA

As of January 17, 2022, the Genesis Association became a member of the International Association of Manufacturers of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines - IGBA




We are actively participating in the fight against COVID 19.

The association and member companies of the GENEZIS association take care of patients and continuously supply the Serbian and Montenegrin markets.

Where are we present?

In Serbia since 2013, in Montenegro since 2017.

What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs are pharmaceutical preparations that contain the same active ingredients in the same concentration as the better-known drugs on the basis of which they were created (the so-called "originator drugs"). Generic drugs differ from originator drugs mostly in the composition of binders and colors, which do not have therapeutic effects and differ by name.

The therapeutic efficacy of generic drugs is equivalent to originator drugs and must be proven by rigorous bioequivalence studies. Which would mean that when scientifically comparing the generic drug and the originator drug, they show the same rate and degree of bioavailability of the active substance in the body if they are administered in the same dose. Simply put, the generic drug and the original product must be equally effective.

The moment when the patent rights of an originator drug expire and when a generic product bioequivalent to it appears, then it is only rational to use generic drugs, because for much less money you can buy an identical product, both therapeutically and in terms of safety. Generic drugs have more affordable prices because they do not require initial basic and clinical research, thus reducing investment. Generic drugs are widely used in EU countries in all treatment programs, and they are increasingly being prescribed by doctors because they are 20-90% cheaper than the originator drugs, so the annual savings from their use are estimated at €35 billion.

The use of generic drugs reduces the costs of each health care system, and the freed funds are used for originator drugs.

Generic drugs: Quality drugs at lower prices

Production of generic drugs is carried out according to strict European and international regulations and the highest standards.

All companies that produce generic drugs use ingredients for their products in accordance with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In short, generic drugs are subject to the same strict standards of quality, safety and efficacy as originator pharmaceutical products.

Generic medicines: committed to the future

The aging population and the rapid growth of the treatment of many diseases are putting an additional burden on the sustainability of health care for governments around the world. The cost-effectiveness of using generic drugs provides the fastest growing item in the health budget.

The International and European Association of Generic Drug Manufacturers with its members, cooperates with the Government of countries throughout Europe and the world and develops solutions to improve the availability of generic drugs in order to increase the number of treated patients from the funds of the state fund, which is our goal.

Mission, vision and objectives

Genesis will also strive for the achievement of general social goals in the production, distribution and application of generic drugs, in order to improve the treatment and health care of the citizens of Serbia, guided by the basic ethical principle - progress in the treatment and prevention of diseases, improving the quality of people's health, the quality of health care and expectations the patient.

Mission, vision and objectives